The Most Comfortable Bathrobe Material for a Guy

The funny thing about determining “most” or “best” materials as well as product specifications because ultimately, they’re subjective. In other words, what may be the best for you may be a completely horrible choice for somebody else.

You know what the big difference is? Your mindset. You may have a certain mindset and you are well entitled to that mindset. Nobody can say to your face that you’re wrong for having that mindset because your experiences, your past as well as your preferences all combine to make up your mindset. And your mindset basically dictates your choices.

There’s no shame in that. There’s no need to explain that. There’s nothing to justify. But I raise this issue because we’re all different in our mindsets. We’re also different phases in life because our mindsets do change.

A lot of us have a tough time accepting the change. A lot of us can’t even recognize that we’re changing. But it still happens. This process is not going to go away. So when you look at it from this perspective, it doesn’t make any sense for me to say that this is the best comfortable bathrobe material for a guy.

Who am I to say that? The most I can do is say what works for me. But what works for me may not work for you. I didn’t walk a mile in your shoes. I don’t know you all that well. Even if I knew you, I have no right to dictate to you because we’re different people.

You have walked your life and lived your life a different way from me. Also, people start out with different things. We have different experiences. There’s just so many differences. And guess what? These seemingly little differences between people actually add up to a lot.

The problem with the whole idea of the best or the most comfortable or the best looking and other comparative terms is that they really strip out all notions of nuance. Any ideas regarding differences about individuals go away.

We are then tricked into thinking that there is this one standard that is perfect for everybody at all times and in all situations. Let’s not fool ourselves. There’s no such thing. There may be certain things when it comes to the law or philosophy or religion even. But not when it comes to personal preferences.

Personal preferences regarding products, services and whatnot are exactly that personal. So the whole idea that there is such a thing as the most comfortable bathrobe material for a guy is on its phase. Ridiculous!

But with all that said, there are certain objective criteria that we can all agree on. That’s right. Regardless of what part of the planet you come from, regardless of what happened to you in the past. Regardless of what

advantages or disadvantages you were born with. We can all agree that there are certain basic objective standards that we can then use as starting points.

That’s the key point here. These are just starting points. In other words, if you want to come up with a subjective ultimate answer for “the most comfortable bathrobe material for a guy” you have to start with this objective frame work and then come up with your own subjective answer.

In other words, it gives you a head start. You’re not just walking around in circles. You’re not taking shots in the dark. You’re definitely not chasing your own tail. Instead, you have some basic factors to start with that most people could agree with. And then you can then plug in what is special about you to come up with your own unique answer.

Sounds good? Sounds fair? Let’s dive in.

It has to fit you

This doesn’t even need an explanation. It should be quite obvious. It should speak for itself. How can you say that comfortable bathrobe material is right for you if it can not be shaped, cut and sewn to fit you?

Now you might be saying to yourself, “Well all materials will fit me.” No! There are certain materials that shrink really quickly. There are certain materials that don’t do all that well when put through several washing cycles. So durability of fit is crucial.

It can accommodate the colors that I like

If you want to see differences between individuals, just take a look at their color preferences. This is a quick and easy way to separate people. Unfortunately, not all materials, whether for bathrobes or whatever else, can accommodate a wide range of colors.

So make sure that the base material of the bathrobe that you’re thinking of buying can accommodate the right kind of color. Otherwise, it’s probably not the material for you.

It is not scratchy

There’s two ways to position this feature. We can say that we’re going to look for bathrobe materials for guys that feels good. That’s a problem because the phrase “feels good” is very subjective. Some people may have grown up in very trying environments.

They basically put up with all sorts of painful privations and life is tough physically all around. Accordingly, even really stiff fibers are okay with them because they have experienced worse. Many have experienced going naked and cold.

So it’s really hard to say that a particular fiber is right when we use that parameter because we also have to account for other people who grew up in relative ease. Whether they made those conditions happen by themselves or they were just blessed with fortunate parents.

Whatever the case may be, the better approach would be a certain minimal level of agreement regarding the impact of the material on the skin. Not scratching or harming the skin is a start.

Keep the factors above in mind if you are serious about finding the most comfortable bathrobe material for a guy. It’s not as easy as you think because there is a lot of subjectivity involved. You have to think outside the box. You have to look at base objective parameters.

From there, you then read into them your own subjective preferences. Good luck in your search.